Electrum Wallet Recovery Guide 2024: Restoring the Bitcoin Wallet

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The Electrum Wallet has a long history in the crypto community. For over a decade, countless Bitcoin holders have relied on the desktop or mobile Electrum Wallet as their primary means of securing BTC. Although newer wallets like the Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, and Atomic Wallet have been gaining attention, Electrum remains a popular option for people who want a simple and free way to store their Bitcoin.

Since the Electrum Wallet is self-custodial, you will have complete control and responsibility for any BTC you transfer into it. The Electrum Wallet gives users a 12-word seed phrase they can use to restore access to lost funds. Also, while creating a new Electrum Wallet, you can add security features such as a password, multiple signatures (i.e., multisig wallets), and two-factor authentication (2FA).

While these bonus safety measures can help protect your crypto, they may increase the odds of misplacing vital info and losing access to your wallet. Thankfully, there are many ways you can restore Electrum Wallet access—even if you forgot your password or your seed phrase is not working. This guide will run through the basic process of setting up an Electrum Wallet and the most common ways you can restore it.

What Is the Electrum Wallet?

For long-time Bitcoin fans, the Electrum Wallet needs no introduction. Created in 2011, this Bitcoin wallet is one of the oldest free software applications for those who want to control their BTC. The computer scientist Thomas Voegtlin remains the driving force behind the Electrum Wallet, but many other developers have contributed to this project. Since the Electrum Wallet is open-source, anyone can review its code at any time on Github.

As mentioned above, the Electrum Wallet is only compatible with the Bitcoin blockchain. So, if you’re interested in storing altcoins like Ethereum or Dogecoin, you’ll need to look into other options. However, those who want a BTC storage solution will quickly discover the Electrum Wallet has many attractive features. Not only is the Electrum Wallet free to download, it integrates with many hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, BitBox02 and others. The Electrum Wallet also allows users to create a multi-signature address, add 2FA, and access the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Currently, the Electrum Wallet is available for download on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android devices. You could also export the private keys in your wallet to a hardware device (e.g., a USB stick) or save them as an external file.

How Do You Set Up an Electrum Wallet?

The most important step in creating an Electrum Wallet is verifying you’re on the correct website. In the past, hackers have used false domain names like “Electrum.com” to lure inexperienced Bitcoin investors. The true Electrum Wallet is only on this site.

After verifying that you’re on the correct URL, you can click the word “Download” on the top of the homepage. From here, you can select whatever system you want to download Electrum onto (e.g., Windows, Linux, Android, or MacOS). Next, you can install the Electrum Wallet on your computer or Android mobile device.

Once you’ve opened your Electrum Wallet, you can choose to create a new “Standard Wallet” or add extra safety with “2FA” or “Multi-Signature.” With 2FA, you’ll have to link your Electrum Wallet to an authenticator app like Google Authenticator for an extra layer of security. By contrast, the “Multisig” feature will generate “multiple” private keys to divide ownership over your wallet. Multisig wallets need at least two users to enter their private keys to verify BTC transactions, which makes them more secure than the “Standard Wallet” option.

However, if you opt for the “Standard Wallet,” you will see a 12-word “seed phrase” appear on your screen. Please take the time to carefully write down these words and keep them in a secure place. These words are the only backup for the BTC stored on your Electrum Wallet. Restoring your Electrum Wallet can be tricky without your seed.

Lastly, you’ll have to create a password for your new Electrum Wallet. Be sure you use the tips in our guide to “Creating Secure Passwords” to increase your safety.

Electrum Wallet Recovery 101: How Do You Restore a Lost Electrum Wallet?

Restoring access to an Electrum Wallet depends on your specific situation. However, the recovery process is straightforward if you have access to your seed phrase.

Restore Electrum Wallet from Seed

  1. Re-download the Electrum Wallet
  2. Once installation is complete, a ‘Create new wallet’ prompt will appear
  3. Choose ‘Standard Wallet’ and click next Electrum create new wallet window
  4. The following window will be the ‘Keystore’ window. Select “I already have a seed” during the set-up process. Electrum keystore window
  5. After you type your 12-word recovery phrase, you should see your old Electrum account appear on your screen. Electrum keystore window

Reasons for Electrum Wallet Recovery

While this is the best-case scenario, there are many instances where users need to restore their Electrum wallet. Some of these are:

  • Scrambled seed phrase (intentionally or unintentionally)
  • Missing or wrong seed words (invalid Electrum Seed)
  • Forgotten password
  • Lost connection to 2FA authenticator app
  • Deleted files
  • Damaged devices

While the above scenarios are more challenging, all hope isn’t lost for Electrum Wallet users. In fact, ReWallet has helped countless clients restore their Electrum accounts even if they had incorrect passwords, wrong seed phrases, 2FA issues, or broken hard drives.

The only case where wallet recovery is impossible is if you have zero info on the seed phrase and wallet file. Otherwise, technicians at ReWallet may be able to help you with Electrum Wallet recovery.

Having Trouble With Electrum Wallet Recovery? Contact ReWallet for Help!

If you’ve tried and failed to get into your Electrum Wallet, please reach out to our experts in wallet recovery services at ReWallet. From forgotten electrum passwords to deleted files, our team has years of experience diagnosing and solving login issues and recovery errors with the most popular wallets, including Electrum. Please feel free to fill out a questionnaire on your Electrum Wallet issues on our webpage. One of ReWallet’s staff will get in touch with you ASAP to discuss your wallet recovery options.

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Electrum Wallet Recovery FAQs

Can I recover an Electrum wallet?
Yes, you can recover an Electrum wallet when using your recovery seed, phrase or password and wallet file.

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