SecuX Lost Passphrase - How to Recover Your SecuX Hidden Wallet

A SecuX hardware Wallet showing incorrect SecuX Passphrase.

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The “hidden wallet” on SecuX’s hardware wallets is a great way to add an extra barrier between cryptocurrencies and potential thieves — unless users forget their secret passphrase. The passphrase people set up when creating a SecuX hidden wallet is their sole gateway into these secure crypto wallets. So, if users lost their recovery SecuX passphrase, there’s no way to regain access to the crypto stored in their hidden wallets.

Since the SecuX hidden wallet passphrase carries immense significance, it’s imperative for all SecuX wallet holders to fully understand how this feature works and what to do if they lose it. While it’s always best practice to prevent losing this passphrase in the first place, there are potential ways wallet recovery services like ReWallet can recover a SecuX hidden wallet.

What Is The SecuX Hidden Wallet?

The SecuX hidden wallet is an additional crypto wallet on a SecuX hardware wallet users create with a manually-generated passphrase and PIN. Instead of relying on the PIN and the provided 24-word recovery phrase when first setting up a SecuX wallet, hidden wallets are an optional feature which requires users to enter an additional personalized passphrase to access their virtual assets.

The separation between the primary SecuX wallet and the hidden wallet allows crypto holders to store digital assets in different accounts and potentially preserve their holdings in the event of a theft or extortion. For instance, if a thief demands crypto in a SecuX wallet, a victim can give the 24-word recovery phrase to open the primary account with minimal cryptocurrency. Thieves won’t know about the hidden wallet as long as the victim doesn’t tell them about it, and they can’t get into this secret account without the additional passphrase. In this sense, the hidden wallet serves as a powerful form of plausible deniability.

How to Set Up the SecuX Hidden Wallet Feature — The Essential Steps

SecuX makes it simple for users to add hidden wallets to their account through the hardware wallet’s touchscreen display. Once you’ve already set up your initial SecuX wallet, visit the “Settings” page and follow these steps to add a hidden wallet:

  1. Click the “Hidden” icon on the top.

SecuX Hidden Wallet Icon

  1. Enter and confirm a 4 - 8 digit PIN specific to your hidden wallet.

SecuX Hidden Wallet PIN

  1. Create your hidden wallet’s passphrase with 1 - 99 English letters and numbers.

SecuX Hidden Wallet Passphrase

  1. Re-enter your hidden wallet’s PIN and start adding crypto accounts.

What Are Common SecuX Passphrase Issues?

SecuX makes creating and using hidden wallets highly intuitive on its touchscreen display, but there are some instances where users experience problems with their passphrases. While there are dozens of potential reasons you could be struggling to get into your SecuX hidden wallet, a few scenarios are more common than others.

Why Your SecuX Passphrase May Not Be Working

Some people can’t get into a SecuX hidden wallet because they’re simply using the wrong passphrase. For instance, you may have written down inaccurate letters or numberson your SecuX recovery sheet, or you keep accidentally hitting a typo when entering the passphrase in your hardware device. Also, if you set up multiple hidden wallets on your SecuX, there’s a chance you’re using the wrong passphrase for the specific hidden wallet you want to recover.

Also, keep in mind the SecuX wallet creates new hidden wallets whenever users enter a new passphrase, no matter how tiny the difference is between different passphrases. So, if users type small errors when trying to open a SecuX hidden wallet, they’re creating new accounts, which can complicate the recovery process.

When you’re trying to access your SecuX hidden wallet, please double-check you’re using the correct seed phrase attached to the hidden wallet you want to recover. Otherwise a recovery will not be possible.

Troubleshooting SecuX Passphrase Recovery

If you keep trying unsuccessfully to get into your SecuX hidden wallet, consider using a few of the following techniques to increase your odds of success:

  • Slow down, and pay careful attention that every letter and number is in the proper order when entering your passphrase.
  • If you don’t have a recovery sheet with your passphrase — or the recovery paperwork is smudged — keep a detailed list after each passphrase attempt.
  • Remember, SecuX passphrases need to be in English letters and numbers, so double-check that you are using an English characterset.
  • Check if you have the latest firmware update on your SecuX wallet and the latest software upgrade for the SecuX mobile app.

How ReWallet Can Help You Recover Your SecuX Hidden Wallet

If you’ve tried the above tips and can’t recover your SecuX hidden wallet, consider contacting ReWallet. Our team of crypto wallet experts has years of experience restoring crypto funds in dozens of software and hardware wallets, including SecuX devices. After reviewing your situation, ReWallet will give you full details on SecuX hidden wallet recovery and whether we can help restore your cryptocurrency.

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SecuX Passphrase and Hidden Wallet FAQs

What is the difference between the seed phrase and the optional passphrase on a SecuX?
The SecuX seed phrase is a list of 24 words that your SecuX wallet generates during the set up process and serves as the recovery phrase for your initial crypto wallet. By contrast, the passphrase is a manually generated passcode with up to 99 English letters and numbers used specifically for a SecuX hidden wallet. You need both the seed phrase and the passphrase to enter a SecuX hidden wallet, but you only need the 24-word seed phrase if you want to access your original SecuX wallet.
Is the SecuX optional passphrase the same as the wallet PIN?
No, the optional passphrase and PIN are separate parts of a SecuX hidden wallet. The optional passphrase can be made up of 1 - 99 English letters or numbers, and it serves as the essential password to add to your 24-word recovery phrase when accessing a hidden wallet. The hidden wallet PIN, however, is a 4 - 8 digit code you create when setting up a hidden wallet to make it more convenient to access digital funds on your device.
What are the risks with using a SecuX optional passphrase or hidden wallet?
A significant risk of using the optional passphrase feature is that it places more responsibility on a user’s shoulders. Since you create this passphrase — and since it’s critical to know this passphrase to access your hidden wallet — it’s essential to keep this data secret and secure. If you lose the information on your SecuX optional passphrase, you’ll face significant issues recovering funds on a hidden wallet.
How can I recover my SecuX passphrase?
If you’re having issues with the passphrase for your SecuX wallet, the best strategy to recover your hidden wallet is to contact the wallet recovery experts at ReWallet. Our wallet recovery specialists will review your SecuX wallet recovery situation and let you know what services we could offer to potentially restore your hidden wallet. Reach out to ReWallet today at [email protected].

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