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WalletID, primary password and a missing key representing the lost blockchain secondary password.

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Founded in 2011, Blockchain.com enjoys a high reputation in the crypto community for its convenient self-custodial wallet. In addition to its simple-to-use interface, a big reason behind this software wallet’s success were its attractive safety features, including an optional second password. For many years, Blockchain.com (aka Blockchain.info) users had the opportunity to create a “second password” for their crypto wallet account to minimize the risk of a security breach. Extra precautious crypto investors added this feature to their Blockchain.info wallets to put another barrier between their virtual assets and malicious actors.

Although Blockchain.com’s second password makes it difficult for criminals to hijack a crypto wallet, it also presents a unique risk: It’s not uncommon for people to lose or forget their password. Thankfully, there are ways to regain wallet access even if you’ve lost your Blockchain.info second password. Learn more about what Blockchain.info’s second password is, how people lose it, and the strategies you can use to recover your Blockchain password.

What Is Blockchain.com’s Second Password?

The Blockchain.com second password is an optional password used to verify crypto withdrawals in a self-custodial Blockchain.info wallet. Unlike Blockchain.com’s primary password, you don’t need to use the secondary password to access your Blockchain.com wallet account. Instead, if you created a second password, you only need to use it when you want to send cryptocurrencies out of your Blockchain.com wallet. This extra password prevents criminals from transferring crypto out of a user’s Blockchain.com wallet, even if they manage to break into the account. Because a thief needs the primary and secondary password to steal cryptocurrency, there’s less risk they’ll be successful.

Blockchain.com doesn’t store information related to each user’s primary and secondary passwords on centralized servers. While this eliminates the risk of centralization, it also means Blockchain.com can’t help people if they lose or forget their passwords.

Blockchain.com stopped offering the second password option for new users as of April 13, 2020. So, if you set up a Blockchain.com account after this date, you didn’t have the opportunity to add this feature. However, those who have a Blockchain wallet with a secondary password still need to use it before submitting crypto transfers.

Common Reasons People Lose Their Blockchain.com Second Password

Often, when people talk about losing their second passwords, they admit they forgot what this password is. Since Blockchain.com has been around since August 2011, there’s a higher chance early crypto adopters lost or misplaced their second password. Some people who committed their passwords to “memory” may not remember them, while others may have lost a record of their passwords because they either forgot where they were or can’t access their backup. Even if someone has a physical copy of their second password, it might have damage, smudges, or illegible writing.

Recovering Your Lost Blockchain.com Second Password — Strategies To Re-Activate Your Blockchain.com Account

Since Blockchain.com doesn’t hold your password data, there’s no point in sending Blockchain.com an email for this information. However, you could use a few strategies to restore your wallet, even if you lost your Blockchain.com second password.

The most common strategies to recover your lost Blockchain.com second password include the following:

  • Guess potential password phrases and keep a list of prior attempts.
  • Use your wallet’s seed phrase to recover crypto in a new account.
  • Contact wallet recovery services for professional assistance.

No matter which method you use, you’ll need some extra information to regain control of your account:

  • Blockchain WalletID: This is the username for your Blockchain.com account, associated with whichever email address you used to create your wallet. If you don’t remember your WalletID, search the history of different email addresses for a “Welcome to Blockchain.com” or “Welcome to Blockchain.info” message.
  • Primary Password: This password lets you get into your Blockchain.com wallet, but you can’t use it to transfer funds if you enabled a second password.
  • Pre-2016 seed phrase: A list of words associated with your Blockchain.com wallet which can be used to recover your account. Before 2016, Blockchain.info used a proprietary list of words with varying lengths to represent the password and WalletID.
  • Post-2016 seed phrase: 12 words which represent the wallet’s private keys on every Blockchain.com self-custodial wallet post-2016. The words used in these post-2016 seed phrases come from the BIP39 standard.

Let’s run through each of these wallet recovery methods in greater detail:

Password Guessing

The simplest way to figure out a lost Blockchain.com second password is to start making educated guesses in your Blockchain.com wallet. While this strategy isn’t the most sophisticated, you may run across the right password after trying typical passwords you’ve used in the past. If you’re going to use this method, please be sure to keep a list of every password, so you’re not constantly repeating the wrong inputs.

In order to access your Blockchain.com account, you will need both your primary password and your WalletID, or alternatively the email linked to your account. However, be aware that there may be instances where your WalletID alone is insufficient. This generally happens when email verification is necessitated through the email connected to your WalletID.

Recover Your Blockchain Wallet With The Seed Phrase

If you’re not having success with password guessing—or you can’t get into your Blockchain.com wallet—you could re-access your crypto using your wallet’s recovery phrase (aka seed phrase). Pre-2016, the seed phrase for Blockchain.com wallets stores info on the password and WalletID, and they had varying lengths with non-BIP39 standard words. However, wallets created after 2016 meet BIP39 standards with 12 words that link to the private key. Blockchain.com also issued older wallet users a BIP39 seed as a part of the post-2016 migration process.

To use your 12-word seed phrase, first click “Log In” on Blockchain.com’s official website or mobile app. You should see a hyperlink to “Import Your Account” under the WalletID tab, which allows you to enter your recovery phrase. Ensure all the words in your phrase are spelled correctly in the proper order with one space between them. If you enter your seed phrase correctly, you should have access to all the crypto in your previous Blockchain.com wallet.

Call Crypto Wallet Recovery Specialists

Can’t re-enter your Blockchain.com wallet with these methods? Don’t give up just yet! There’s still a chance you can get back into your Blockchain.com wallet with the help of crypto wallet recovery experts like ReWallet. As long as you have partial information on your passwords, WalletID, or seed phrase, ReWallet can use specialized tools and potentially get back into your Blockchain.com account.

Lost Your Blockchain.com Second Password? All Hope Isn’t Lost!

Losing access to a Blockchain.com wallet is scary, but it’s not a hopeless scenario. Even if you don’t remember your secondary password, there are many ways crypto wallet experts can help you get back into your wallet. Reach out to ReWallet to figure out the best way to get into your Blockchain.com account.

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FAQs on Blockchain.com’s Lost Second Password

Can I Recover My Blockchain.com Wallet Without the WalletID?
Although more info helps during the Blockchain.com wallet recovery process, you don’t need your WalletID to get into a Blockchain.com account. If you know the email address associated with your Blockchain.com wallet, you can use this in place of your WalletID to access your account.
What is Blockchain.com’s Second Password?
Blockchain.com’s second password is an optional password people use in their Blockchain.com wallet to approve cryptocurrency transfers. While you don’t need the second password to get into a Blockchain.com wallet, people who enabled it need this secondary password to send crypto out of their account. Therefore, if people don’t have a second password, their crypto is effectively frozen.
Can I Recover My Blockchain.com Password Without the Seed Phrase?
Yes, there are ways to regain access to your Blockchain.com account without your seed phrase, but it depends on how much extra info you have. For instance, if you know your WalletID and primary password, it’s possible to recover your secondary password. However, if you have no information on your passwords, WalletID, email, or seed phrase, it won’t be possible to get into your Blockchain.com wallet.
Is It Possible to Recover A Wallet Without the Primary and Secondary Passwords?
Yes, a recovery of your wallet is still possible. If you don’t have the primary and secondary passwords for your Blockchain.com wallet, you might be able to use the recovery seed phrase to regain the crypto in your Blockchain.com account. Just keep in mind the seed phrases for early Blockchain.com wallets linked with a user’s password rather than the private keys. Also, if you manually imported private keys to your Blockchain.com account, the seed phrase won’t be effective.
My 2FA Authentication Isn’t Working; Can I still Recover My Blockchain.com Wallet?
Blockchain.com encourages users to install 2FA services to protect against cyber attacks, but sometimes users run into issues when linking apps like Authy or Google Authenticator. If you’re struggling to get into your Blockchain.com wallet with a 2FA code, there are still ways to access your account. For more detailed info on how to use 2FA apps, check out ReWallet’s guide “2FA Methods Explained”.

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