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If you have lost or forgotten your wallet password, you are facing a serious problem. The price of Dogecoin has increased significantly over the years but you can no longer access your coins. A similar problem arises if you have secured access with 2-factor authentication (2FA) because this is also a barrier. Generally speaking, it is still possible to gain access to your wallet under the condition that access to the email address, which is linked to the wallet, is still available. What can be done to regain access to your wallet?

How to Recover a Wallet?

Our team at ReWallet has been able to help a number of customers recover their wallets, whose passwords were either lost or whose 2FA could not be recovered. is a self-custody wallet that allows to send, receive and store the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Similar to the process for recovering a wallet, the user typically has all the data to recover the wallet, using the website as an interface. The credentials are a unique wallet ID, the so-called 2FA secret, and the encrypted wallet with the private keys stored on a cloud server. However, if you only have the wallet ID but have forgotten your wallet password, Dogechains support does not offer any assistance to perform a recovery.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Your Lost Wallet Password

If only the wallet ID is known, we have created a step-by-step guide, with which the encrypted wallet file can be downloaded directly from

  1. To get your Dogechain wallet backup, you first need to download and launch Google Chrome
  2. Enable the developer tools in the browser settings
  3. After that, select the “Network” tab in the developer tools
  4. Then enter the URL in the main field:
  5. Then go to the login on the website and enter your wallet ID and password. You can use any random password here
  6. Next, go to the network tab and select “API” or “Fetch/XHR”. This way you can download the encrypted wallet

Once you have the encrypted wallet, you can try to crack it using the so-called brute force method which means that you let a special software try all the possible combinations of the password. It is extremely helpful if you remember at least a small part of the password. The fewer unknown variables there are in the password, the more likely it is that the software will find it. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to be able to operate the software required for this. Additionally, it is recommended to have a lot of computing power because especially more complex passwords can take a very long time.

Once you have successfully found the password you can either log in via or import the private key into a wallet of your choice. The private key is the actual secret that is needed to unlock your funds and it is stored in encrypted form in the wallet file. If you import it into another wallet software, you will immediately get full access to your Dogecoin.

What Do I Do if I Cannot Restore my Wallet Password Myself?

Dogecoin has increased massively in value over the years. Holders who may have experimented with Dogecoin many years ago, might now find themselves sitting on a significant but inaccessible value because they lost access to their wallet.

There are many things to consider during recovery, and in some cases, certain procedures can only be properly performed by professional wallet recovery services. In addition to the required expertise and experience, it is also access to special software and hardware that can make all the difference.

Each case is unique. Imagine the process of gaining access to a lost wallet to be like a puzzle, where pieces are missing. Therefore, you should not despair and also not respond to dubious offers or seek help from anonymous strangers in forums or social media because you might feel pressure or fear a total loss. Worst case scenario is that you are being taken advantage of because of your own emotions. - ReWallet

Instead, it is recommended to stay calm and seek contact with experts such as ReWallet. We offer professional help, which is characterized by the following quality features of our services:

  • Our company is based and registered in Germany
  • One of our professionals guides you through the whole recovery process from start to finish
  • Realistic assessment of the chances of success in your individual case after exchanging the necessary information, free of charge and non-binding
  • Expert professionals who have many years of experience in the fields of cryptocurrencie and wallet recovery
  • Secure IT processes and infrastructure to protect your crypto assets during the entire recovery process
  • Our promise: You only pay a fee in case of success! You don’t have to pay us anything if you don’t regain access to your wallet

FAQ About Wallet

How do I find my wallet ID?
Your unique wallet ID is retrievable from the confirmation email you received upon initializing your wallet. Ensure to thoroughly search for this ID, extending your search beyond your inbox to include your spam folder and all possible email accounts used at the time of the wallet’s creation.
I have a wallet, but I don’t know if it holds any Dogecoin. How do I check the balance in advance?
It is possible to check without accessing the wallet if you know the address (public key) and enter it into the Dogechain Blockexplorer.
How much time does it take to recover a lost wallet password?
There is no general answer to this because it always depends on the details of each individual case.
How can I get in touch if I want to have my wallet restored?
The easiest way is to contact us via our online form. You will be asked some initial questions that will make it possible to assess the case. All details, in particular exchange of data and passwords, will be discussed and agreed upon with you personally.

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